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God be praised for the things that He has done! From the pit of depression; the shame of molestation and rape, the trenches of grief, neglect, rejection and confusion a worshipping warrior was born; THAT'S ME! My purpose is to uplift; encourage and help lead those that have been in my shoes or may find themselves in seemingly impossible situations to allow their hearts to speak! Let your heart speak...God will do the rest! I decree it, declare it and I agree! Freedom is DEALING! Uncovering the past and dealing with the pain, hurt, issues and everything else that comes with it! We can never experience true freedom until we learn not to live around our issues, but to live through our issues!

Getting over a wall leaves that wall right where it stands! Just as soon as your guard is down; feeling a little low, that wall gets closer and closer it's in your face again! Going through that wall tears it down; it makes a considerable hole in the wall; it takes away the foundation, making the wall so weak that it will soon have to fall leaving no ties to this issue! Freedom - The absence of or release from all ties!

I pray that through this ministry you will be released from all the ties that bind! Thanks again for visiting! Live, Love and BE FREE

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